Crisis communication can be defined in many ways — it can be both to save the company’s reputation and/or to inform people with the aim of saving their health and protecting their lives. In addition, any activity that moves the organisation away from their normal rhythm can also be considered a crisis.

Although there is no shortage of crisis communication providers in Estonia, the wide scope of the crisis creates a situation where both the customer and the service provider are at risk of disappointing. And while many organisations have invested in crisis manuals, life has shown that, in practice, the actual usage of crisis plans depends on a variety of factors, both expected and unexpected. It is therefore very difficult to prepare, train and get the crisis team working.

Valiant Solutions offers bold solutions according to the customer’s needs and wishes. We will prepare the organisation to work together in crisis by training the team, preparing communication plans and procedures and training spokespeople. We offer our support in crisis situations whether it´s writing a press release or an opinion article, managing social media channels, organising a press event, preparing for interviews, creating a media plan or consulting the management — none of these activities are new to us.  

We can be both your permanent partners by helping to build an organisation’s crisis communication capacity and boarding in the middle of the crisis, advising the management and organising press events.

To find the best solution for your organisation, please contact us. And let’s see how your wishes and our opportunities become solutions.